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Located in Greater Manchester since our inception, DL M&E Building Services Limited is committed to improving our local community, and has been since our companies beginnings.

DL M&E Building Services is committed to affecting a positive change throughout the local community through our social and economic processes and will continue to develop the systems we already have in place for the benefit of our staff, clients, and the construction industry as a whole.


Charity work

Our community outreach programmes are undertaken throughout the year, whether it be through charity events or providing services, we are very proud to have helped the local community and continue to do so.

Mental Health

The construction industry has the highest rate of mental health issues than any other sector. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to being a company which understands and continues to educate ourselves about mental health.

Employment and Training

We are very proud of our in-house development record, with 60% of our current office staff beginning their employment at Site Operative level.

Throughout our companies growth we have mentored, trained and developed our employees into a passionate and highly qualified project management team, who have an in depth understanding of all site issues.

Want to find out more about the opportunities we offer? Check out our careers page.